Everyone is aware of the term ‘social media’ and associated terms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. with it. But what exactly is the definition of social media? It is a platform where people interact, create and share information and ideas. It can be on mobile or web-based.

But to manage a firm/company online takes a tad more effort and special skills. That is when social media consultants enter the door. These consultants guide a company on how to be more visible, top-of-mind and increase company’s brand value through social media. They help their clients in making online campaigns through blogs, videos, forums, etc.

The job of a social media consultant requires expertise and know-how in all the aspects of social media like industry trends, media tools, target customers, etc. Knowledge is of utmost importance, as a consultant must know the nuts and bolts of every social media tool like MySpace, Twitter, bookmarking sites, etc. But, just knowing won’t suffice.

A social media consultant is of not much use if he doesn’t know how to implement and manipulate all these tools. He should have whole history of success stories behind him to prove that he’s experienced and fruitful. Another skill a social media consultant must acquire is creativity. You have to risk it to get the biscuit. If new avenues are not explored then lucrative and moneymaking tools will remain untapped and the same old tools will wear out soon.

One must also know what tools are best untouched. A social media consultant must possess the ability to constantly analyze the amount of investment vs. return in order to tweak the strategies, wherever required, for maximum returns. This is more important given the fact that the social media is an ever-evolving market and a consultant must be on top of things to know the crescendos to make them keep working for you.

So, what do you do after arming yourself with all these skills? Search for clients/companies that might need your help as a social media consultant. Choose one area of your interest-travel, fashion, sports, etc. and learn everything about that topic. Create a unique sales pitch and start rotating it in your network circle online and in your neighborhood. If required, assist your first client for free (recommended). Offer webinars or classes to find more clients. Market your skills and how you can help the clients. Don’t forget to keep your resume updated and posted on all the social media. After all, you have to be visible first to assist others to be visible.

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