About Prakash Dhawan

Hi, I am Prakash Dhawan, Entrepreneur and full time Digital Marketer, Affiliate and Founder of Dhawan’s Enterprises LLC. Well I started my career as a digital marketer in 2006, spending countless sleepless nights to study every aspect of the magical world of “making money online”. It took a lot of time and dedication to fully crack the code of this new online world, but when I look back I do not regret a single minute spent in front of the computer. During the past few years, I have learned a lot about different aspects of online marketing. From client retention to social media marketing, from website building to SEO, I have accumulated tons and tons of hours of experience. Sooner than later, results started to speak by themselves and I finally became a profitable online entrepreneur.
  1. Founder of DHAWAN’S ENTERPRISES LLC in UNITED STATES with establish small e-Commerce Store through the brand Nutrition Forest with the 7 year of experience selling product online.

  2. Founder of ACB Media in INDIA for the service of web was designing, logo designing and SEO based content providing.

  3. Founder of LUKP, in United States an small e-commerce store with wide rang of latest universal products.

4. Managing Director of Siam Deals in Thailand, which is an online deals related site in country. 

Study B.A. in Economics in 2013 from the Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune Maharashtra, INDIA

  • Around 4 Year experience in Affiliate Marketing, to run campaign for other network to generate leads and sales.
  • More then 7 year in experience in e-Commerce with the brand name of Nutrition Forest.
  • A very good knowledge of e-Mail Marketing with minimum spam score.
  • As a competitive industry of digital marketing I learn web and graphic designing which help me to design or customize any website such as static, dynamic or e-commerce.
  • Being an affiliate I learn SEO, SMO, SEM and PPC Advertising to drive traffic on campaigns to turn them into profitable.

Affiliate Marketing

A Boon To Online Advertisers Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which an advertiser or a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor

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