In today’s time when everyone is accepting digitalization, advertising a business brand or any campaign via digital media has become very normal. Earlier, we had very limited way of promoting the business mainly on Google. But now technology and creativity has made it easier, and you can reach large number of audiences a flash.

Let’s talk more about top 10 online advertising platform to promote brand and campaign.

  1. Google Ads: As I talked above also, it is the most common and organic way of promoting a business. It gives you advertising options like display ads, search ads and video ads too.
  2. Facebook Ads: It has around 2.8 billion active users every month, so any business can reach massive onlookers via this social media page. Apart from video and photo ad formats, Facebook offers sponsored posts and Stories ads also.
  3. Instagram Ads: After Facebook, most used social media app is Instagram where you can get viewers. It is from Facebook’s family, so it will give you same options (video ad, stories ads, image ads and interactive ads) to do some branding.
  4. LinkedIn Ads: If you want to take your product to any professional platform, then you must try LinkedIn ads. It is just like any other social media app but in professional manner. There you will find more of skilled and decision-maker audiences who can be in your consumers list. Sponsored content, sponsored InMail and display ads can be some options.
  5. Pinterest Ads: This platform can also be used to promote product or services by getting it printed on some items or online banners.
  6. YouTube Ads: Video ads are considered most effective way of reaching all kind of group. People spend most of the time on YouTube, so chances are high to get noticed by people. It is also easy to create and modify.
  7. Amazon Ads: if you are from e-Commerce world then Amazon Ads are best place for you. You can advertise your product via three ways – Sponsored product ads, product display ads and headline search ads.
  8. WhatsApp Ads: This is one of the new and successful way of reaching out people and making them aware about product / service.
  9. Tiktok Ads: Just like Facebook or Instagram TikTok is becoming fastest growing social media platform.Use visually attractivead formats like in-feed video and brand takeovers format to promote your business.
  10. Snapchat Ads: You can use this App to grab large and highly engaged viewers via ad formats like lenses, filters and Snap ads.

Do some research about target audience for your business and use the ultimate power of online advertising platforms to increase brand awareness, getting traffic to your website and generating revenue.

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