Who I Am?

Welcome to Prakashdhawan.com, A online marketer, affiliate and founder DHAWANS ENTERPRISES LLC in UNITED STATES and ACB MEDIA in INDIA, Well I started this website just to share my experience and information with my friends and readers.

I was an average student in my school life, no good English and always trying to steal the time for video games and for time pass. I started my carrier as a graphic designer job just to earn some pocket money for party and hangout with friends, that time I was just 15th year old, but after spending an lots time in the front of computer I start feeling fed up and in just 2 year I quite the job.

At the age of 18th when I pass out from 12th standard, I start notice that most of my friends had their life sorted and they all seems to be happy as some went into fathers business, some going to higher studies in universities and some get jobs in companies, But I was 100% clueless about my future.

In the year of 2006 I step into digital marketing where I start running campaigns for affiliate networks and I start spending countless sleepless nights to study every aspect of the magical world of “making money online”. It took a lot of time and dedication to fully crack the code of this new online world, but when I look back I do not regret a single minute spent in front of the computer.

During the same time I learned different aspects of online marketing, from client retention to social media marketing, from website building to SEO, I have accumulated tons and tons of hours of experience.

Sooner than later, results started to speak by themselves and I finally became a profitable online entrepreneur. I am constantly motivated by learning and discovering new things about this amazing world, testing new strategies and studying from the best in my field.

On the same time, I deeply researched and studied email Marketing, Advertising Strategies, Social Media, and the way of Media Buy traffic. All these tools give me more confidence in my ability to turn each campaign into profitability. I know what I am doing and I am aware of my skills, which are the most valuable asset for every entrepreneur, especially in the digital world.

My expertise is affiliate marketing. I drive traffic on campaigns which I run for different affiliate networks and I get a commission for each sale/lead I convert for them, But being an successful affiliate I always head one burning question in my mind.

That how long I can run campaign for other companies?

Being a successful affiliate and over 8 year of experience, In 2014 I start my own e-Commerce store business through the brand Nutrition Forest under the company Dhawans Enterprises LLC.