With increasing social media popularity marketers are doing everything to stay ahead in the game before the social media like Facebook becomes an exclusive pay based model. Facebook is one such social media site where numbers are plunging with an increasing rate per second hence making marketers choice for advertising and online marketing. One of the leading US Brand posts on Facebook reach at a much higher rate on Facebook than any other social media says one of the US case studies. Here are few bullets which can help you to boost your Facebook engagement. But beware, though, as soon as you find something productive that works good, Facebook will indubitably transits ever deputing algorithm till all you see in your news feed all kittens and babies and all yam you have heard from neighbors aunt.

Facebook is dominated by baby photos , moms creeping on children pages, potty training sessions is something that Facebook isn’t meant for. Well if you think the same way then trust us you are not crazy. With people going more online for engagement during leisure time or on special days Facebook has become increasingly popular. Be it a professional , student, a mother they all are mostly connected on Facebook and find it a stress buster as it is both a social media for interaction and to shop.

Here are few tips which could still work to have an engagement on Facebook –

  • Add Photos – Photos get more engagement. Photos account for 93% more engagement , gets 53% more likes,104% more comments and 84% more click through than text based posts.
  • Be Concise – Posts below 250 characters can get you 60% more engagement, while cutting to less than 80 characters will get you 66% more engagement.
  • Posts on Thursday and Friday – Engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Friday’s as compared to the other days of the week.
  • Post Questions – Questions generate 100% more comments than standard posts with statements and questions with quick or limited answers tend to get the highest number of comments.
  • Run Contests – 35% of fans like a page to participate in a contest, and using contest related words such as winner , win, entry, contest, enter and promotion are more likely to engage people.
  • Use Emoticons – Posts with emoticons get 33% more comments , get shared 33% more often, and get liked 57% more than posts without emoticons.
  • Give Coupons or Discounts – Coupon based campaigns receive some of the highest engagement rates , with 42% of fans liking a page to get discounts or coupons.

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