I have heard many people saying that Biotin helps in keeping hair, skin and nails healthy, but what exactly Biotin is? It is part of B complex vitamin family, also known as vitamin H or B7. This type of vitamin is soluble in water which is considered as most important for healthy body mechanism. It helps in converting body carbohydrates (food) into glucose. Since it gets dissolve in water, body do not store this vitamin, rather pass it into whole body in the form of energy.

Biotin is specifically known to beneficial for skin, nails and hair. Now, let’s read more how is it beneficial?

Benefits for skin

  1. By helping body in production of fatty acids, this is essential element in keeping body moisturized and agile. This way it keeps our skin healthy.
  2. Biotin is also known for curing various skin problems like eczema, acne and psoriasis by reducing inflammation. It has anti-inflammation properties.
  3. It also treats very common skin problem which is wrinkles and fine lines, it reduces appearance of them on the face. Biotin helps in production of collagen, which is important in maintaining skin’s elasticity. You will look younger!
  4. Biotin also has anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties, which helps in repairing damaged tissues and muscles.

Benefits for hair

  1. If you are facing hair fall problem, then you must include Biotin in your routine as it promotes hair growth. Keratin is primary component of hair. When we lose that, hair starts falling. Biotin helps in production of Keratin which prevents hair loss, instead hair growth by giving you thicker hair.
  2. Improved hair texture. For stronger hair, texture should also be good. Biotin can improve the texture of your hair by making it more resilient. It also prevents split ends and breakage which makes your hair look healthier.
  3. When we come in contact of UV rays or pollution, our hair gets damaged. When we increase intake of Biotin in our routine in any form, we can not only protect our hair from damage caused by environmental factors, it look shiny as well.

Benefits for nails

  1. As Keratin is necessary for hair, it is also necessary for nails as it prevents them from breaking easily. Biotin helps in maintaining Keratin or even producing it which do not let nails get weak.
  2. Biotin also prevents nail infection, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Always try to include Biotin rich food in your diet like egg, leafy green vegetables and whole grains, and take supplements if food is not enough alone to fulfill Vitamin B deficiency. After knowing so many benefits of Biotin for our body, it is still recommended to consult doctor before starting anything because EVERY BODY TYPE IS DIFFERENT!!

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