People are using Apple cider vinegar as healthy tonic since year as it helps with many health issues like lowering blood sugar levels reducing cholesterol levels and kill harmful bacteria and viruses as well. But does Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies help in weight loss? Let’s find out.

  1. Scientifically, there are less or very limited evidence of Apple Cider helping in weight loss. Some of the research shows that it’s Gummies rather than drink which help in reducing weight by lowering appetite and increasing feeling of fullness which ultimately reduces calorie intake.
  2. Gummies contain approx 500 milligrams of ACV which is correspondent to only few teaspoons of cider vinegar. Also, they are combination of ACV and fruit / vegetable juices or powders to cut the harsh taste of vinegar.
  3. There is an essential difference between Apple cider Vinegar in its raw form and its Gummies form. ACV drink or Gummies alone is not sufficient to reduce weight. It should always be combined with proper diet plan, regular exercise routine and healthy lifestyle.
  4. It’s always helpful to consult dietician before adding or subtracting anything in you diet. They help you decide how much intake of Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies should be there in your weight loss process.
  5. As per the study, consuming single tablespoon of ACV or few Gummies before meals cuts 250 calories a day. People who follow this pattern have reduced weight faster in 12 weeks than other people.
  6. Adding other vitamins and minerals supplements with gummies can help in body detoxing and boosting immune system.

Some other tips while taking Apple cider vinegar gummies:

  • Too much of anything can be harmful. Even ACV gummies can have harmful effects if not taken in right proportion. Consult dietician before starting.
  • It is not necessary that ACV gummies will suit everybody. Everyone has different body type. AV gummies if suits to one body, does not necessarily suits another body type.
  • Bringing Apple Cider with some medications can be acceptable like –diuretics, laxatives, and insulin. Consult doctor before starting with any of the medication or even gummies.
  • You might have this question in your mind, when to take these gummies – in the night or in the morning? Well! There is no exact answer to that question. Some prefer taking in the night, some take it in the morning
    Concluding! Although Apple Vinegar Cider gummies may have some promising affects in weight loss, it is equally important to approach with caution with doctor’s consultation.

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